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Naysha and Adam’s homeownership story!

From the USA to the UK, cheers to a new chapter!

Buyers: Naysha Glover, 24 and Adam Canavan, 28

Year of purchase: December 2022

Development: Vickers Grange, South Yorkshire                                          

House Type: 3-bedroom semi-detached Tyrone

Purchase price: £179,995

Mortgage cost: £760

Newlyweds Naysha and Adam found their dream home in South Yorkshire, embracing the spacious rooms and open plan kitchen of the Tyrone house style. After relocating from Minnesota to the UK, Naysha moved in with Adam's family to save up and start their new lives together in England.

We spoke to the couple about their homebuying journey with Gleeson:

“We are both first-time buyers and chose to get onto the property ladder with Gleeson as they provided us with the best opportunity for homeownership with the budget we had in mind. We also read positive reviews that highlighted that a Gleeson home comes with low monthly energy costs, and they weren't wrong! We chose a new build home because we wanted a blank canvas. Whilst we wouldn’t have minded an older home, a new build meant we didn’t have to stress about renovations!”

“We loved the variety and style of homes that Gleeson offered, but the Tyrone went to the top of our list as soon as we saw the floor plan. It had the best combination of both of our requirements, with the L-shaped kitchen creating a separate cooking and dining space and spacious bedrooms! The process of buying our home took approximately two months and for the most part, was very smooth. There were a few complications with our mortgage advisors, but our Sales Executive was always on hand and great with smoothing it over, where possible. We would recommend to anybody considering buying a Gleeson home, to see as many show homes as possible, as it helped us solidify which home we really wanted! Be clear of your needs and requirements for a new home, as a good company, such as Gleeson, will listen and do what they can!”

“Since moving in, we have been pleasantly surprised with our energy bill costs. We were nervous they would be expensive given the current cost of living crisis, however, we’ve found them to be very affordable! We have also been extremely busy, but in the best possible way. Decorating the house and making it ‘a home’ has been amazing and it’s helped us settle and start our lives as newlyweds, making memories within our own space!”

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