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How to bring the outside in with plants and flowers

Florals and greenery brings an abundance of life, colour, and energy to the home. People are becoming more interested in having something to nurture and care for, especially when working from home.

Flowers and plants not only make your home look and smell wonderful, but studies have shown that a little greenery can improve your mood, creativity, and concentration, reduce stress, and filter and clean the air in your home.

With this trend continuing to grow, the UK has seen a significant increase in plant and flower sales, whether they are real, faux, or dried.

So, how can you bring plants and flowers into your home? Our Interior Design expert Vanessa Loveridge, the creator of our beautiful show homes explains how.

Tip one – The correct conditions

Interior design is a way of crafting and curating to make an aesthetically pleasing space, my first tip would be to ensure that you consider the conditions of your home! You don’t want to buy lots of beautiful plants for them to die, as that would certainly ruin the feng shui. A plant needs light, a good temperature (not too hot or too cold!) and of course, regular watering. If you are hoping to place plants in a room which lacks any of these elements then it’s definitely worth considering faux plants which are both durable and evergreen.

Credits: @our.tyronehome

Tip two – Focal points

It’s key to use your plants as a focus point for your styling, you can do this by filling empty corners with plants rather than furniture to ensure your room doesn’t look cramped or cluttered. Plants are a great solution for those hard to style sections of the home, they look lovely arranged at varying heights to give a space depth or perhaps try trailing them down from a shelf. Another handy use of greenery is using it to hide plug sockets or add interest to the room.


Tip three – Colours, sizes and textures

Consider which planters or vases you will be using, think about textures, colours and materials, do they work with the other accessories you are using in your room?

When picking your plant or flowers, look for interesting leaf shapes, colours and textures; plants such as cacti make a statement, luscious cheese plants give a tropical feel, whereas a simple blooming vase of flowers can give a crisp, understated look. Leaf textures could be waxy, rough, fuzzy, or smooth and shades might be sage, olive or moss all bringing different visual elements to your home.

The options are endless. Choose big and small plants, palms, leafy trees, cacti, succulents and blooming flowers to get a variety of blossoms in your home. Or if minimalism and symmetry are closer to your personal style, don’t be afraid to match! Go for identical plants and flowers, and place them in rows or groups.

Even those without a green thumb can appreciate the prettiness of house plants and flowers. Don’t let them be an after thought in your home, and try to build them into your interior design plans early to maximise their impact in your home.

Plants can be an impressive feature and managing them can be pretty low maintenance if you choose the right one, we hope our tips will help you style them.