Children's Bedroom

How to style your child’s bedroom for fun and functionality

Children’s bedrooms need to be multi-purpose, not only providing a calming space to sleep, but also making space for all those lovely toys. Creating a beautiful room for your little one to love, play and grow in should be really fun, so we’ve put together some tips and inspiration for making your child’s bedroom both practical and adorable, with plenty of our stunning show home photos thrown in for good measure.

Furniture: Try to keep the furniture timeless, especially as it needs to be practical and last a while as your child grows and reaches different ages. Go for white, wood or neutral colour tones, allowing you to be able to adapt the bedroom accessories easily when they outgrow their current bedroom theme. Think White Company-esque on a budget by upcycling furniture you may already have, painting it white and adding stencils and stickers. We love for their wide range of furniture stickers.

Space save: With children’s bedrooms normally being one of the smaller bedrooms, it’s key to utilise space. By keeping the décor simple and furnishings to a minimum, you’ll create more space to play and provide a neutral canvas that can be easily updated as your child grows. By putting yourself in your little one’s shoes, you can easily create a space that is as functional as it is adorable. A space saving technique is purchasing a bed with drawers underneath or a pull-out bed, perfect for sleepovers. Alternatively, consider ‘loft-beds’ with steps up to them, which provide fun but also mean there is space underneath to host a small desk, storage, reading corner or play mat. In essence, to create a room your child will love, try to focus on the thing they love to do most: play!

Colour: The key to creating a stunning children’s room is keeping your colour palette refined using lots of neutrals and grey tones. This doesn’t mean you can’t add colour, but try to do so in small, simple pops around the room – don’t forget, this is also a space to sleep in. To add colour, use smaller items such as accessories and artwork, this helps bring your room to life but can easily be changed for minimal cost whenever you feel fit. When it comes to kids’ bedrooms, less is usually more. Keep it simple and avoid garish colours and big motifs that in a few months down the line they might get bored of.

Styling: There are a few simple touches that you can do to make a child’s bedroom beyond cute.

  • Fairy lights are a great touch and bring a twinkle to any child’s bedroom. Consider adding hooks to wall to string them from, or using them to decorate a clothes rail. Just consider your child’s age and how accessible the lights will be. The key here is to make sure it looks great but it’s safe too. 
  • Picture frames hosting prints or important family photos are a perfect accessory for any child’s bedroom. Go for similar tones to the bedroom’s furniture or match with your child’s bedding and soft furnishings. Check out Desenio for stunning prints, or choose an independent store that you find on Instagram (we love Wonder and Rah, Munks and Me and Ingrid Petrie Design). Alternatively, try adding a chalkboard or whiteboard to your child’s bedroom wall, giving them somewhere to be artistic in the comfort of their own bedroom.
  • Wooden elements always work well in a child’s bedroom whether that be wooden toys, a toy box, dolls house, furniture, a changing table or accessories on display.
  • Use shelving to create exciting different levels within your child’s bedroom. Using shelves can help provide you with a place to display your little one’s favourite toys, or trinkets, plus they are practical too and are often the perfect place to easily store essentials, or things that you want out of your child’s reach but are needed in their bedroom.

We hope our tips help you to give your child a happy place of their very own to live, sleep and play. We have lots of stunning children’s bedrooms for you to discover in our 100 show homes across the North and the Midlands, with over 20 house styles for you to choose from and styling tips for them all. To find your nearest development click here.