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How to take great interior images for your Instagram

Whether you’re trying to master the art of the #shelfie or are obsessed with @mrshinchhome’s interior inspo and hacks, there is always more to the perfect Instagram shot than first meets the eye.

With so many people sharing their love for home interior online, we want to help give your home profile the head start with tips on how to nail the perfect picture. From setting the scene to ensuring the lighting is spot on, we have put together some great advice with the help from a couple of our lovely brand ambassadors Abbie (@homewithabbie), Tom (@tfnewbuild), Karl (foxtonhome), Jake (no_70home) and Liv (homewithlivv).

Lighting is paramount

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when taking photos. "Good lighting is key", says our brand ambassador, Tom. Karl agrees, adding, "a ring light is a great tool to use, especially now that we're into our darker months."

Make sure you turn off any internal lights and don’t use flash, this only casts a yellow/blue light on everything which is hard to edit out, sticking to daylight will ensure the light in your image looks natural and more ‘instagramable’.

Try and find a space in your home where the room you are wanting to feature is bright, without lots of direct sunlight streaming through the windows. The ideal weather for the this is a bright but cloudy day (which is perfect for England as this is most days!).

Baring all of this in mind, we would also recommend not to take any photos at night, unless you are highlighting a light feature such as fairy lights or external garden lights!

Setting the Scene

After you have found the room with the best natural lighting the next thing you need to do is have a bit of a tidy up. This doesn’t mean tidy everything away and become a minimalist, but put away anything that doesn’t add to the scene; wires or cables in the background, clothes hanging off the door or the dogs lead on the sofa. Liv, our brand ambassador, advises us "remove clutter so the focus point is clear."

Don’t forget to add an element of contrast and texture to your picture. Have a play around with objects in the room, why not add a chunky throw at the end if your bed or even a house plant into the background of the shot.

Fluff those cushions, dust the surfaces and your scene is set and ready!

Focal Point

"Every image you take should have a focal point," says Jake, one of our brand ambassadors. Find a feature that you want to focus on, perhaps a refurbished fireplace, a kitchen table which is set up with your new plates or even a gallery wall and work around that.

Not too busy

Instagram is primarily a mobile app, therefore most users will be viewing your pictures on a small device. ‘Less is more’ is definitely the quote to remember when taking a photo for Instagram, rather than taking a picture of a room in its entirety, try to capture a piece of the room at a time. You can then upload them using the carousel feature giving each element its own space to shine on your page.

Straighten up your image

This tip is super easy and will improve your image by miles. Whilst some objects look good when they are slightly ajar or not completely straight, there are some objects which are more pleasing to the eye when in a line.

If the room you are capturing has flooring with lines in it or a bedframe that is straight, then make sure those lines are perfectly horizontal or vertical. If you are using an iPhone the built in photo editor has a feature which can help you with this, take a look in the picture below!

Capture a moment

When on Instagram people are looking for a home that has been lived in not a perfectly made up house. If they wanted a flawless set up for inspiration then they would be walking around IKEA not scrolling on Instagram!

Therefore don’t remove all signs of life from your home, include your furry friends in the images, the latest book you are reading, adding a bit of personality never goes amiss!

Abbie, our brand ambassador, suggests using "a variety of photos; close-up images and whole room shots" as another excellent technique for making your photos stand out.

Keep all of these tips in mind next time you take out your phone to update your Instagram feed, and we guarantee it will really impress your followers!

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